Fat Bottom Bag – Handles

There have been so many Fat Bottom Bags on the internet lately.  Lots of different styles and colours and they all look AMAZING.  The Cardigan Bay Crochet Crew have been taken over by our own Fat Bottom Bag Frenzy!

There are so many different handles you could put on your bag.  Here are my faves.

borsa granny 60x60 035

This is a really pretty one by Elena Regina Wool.


tube handlesYou could try making your own ones by following this tutorial.


rope handleHere is a video tutorial for covering rope with a crochet strip.


long handlesYou could crochet the whole handle, like this one if you want to wear it on your shoulder.

u handlesThese are very practical bamboo handles.

Hope you have as much fun making your fat bottom bag as we have.


Workshops til Christmas …

It always seems like I have three new years every year.  One is in January, the traditional New Year.  The second one is the beginning of the financial year in April.  The third is this time of year – September.  At the end of the long summer break it is time to get back into a routine.  Kids go back to school and college and the crochet classes and workshops start again.  I like it.  I like the planning and organising after six weeks of going with the flow.  I enjoy getting things in order again.

I have got lots coming up between now and Christmas.  I have my brand new Fat Bottom Bag workshop.

fat bottom bag workshop poster

fat bottom bag workshop poster

Coming up after that is a re-run of the crochet rugs workshops I started before the summer.  It is a great opportunity to upcycle any old bedding – sheets, duvets, pillowcases, curtains – into a fantastic crochet rug.

rug workshop

And also my new workshops, the two part Introduction to Crochet, which are replacing the Learn to Crochet in a Day for a trial period.  I am always excited about teaching complete beginners.  It is fun to see them getting to grips with a new skill.

Intro to Crochet

There will also be a Christmas Stocking workshop in November.  I haven’t written the pattern for it yet, so I had better get into action soon.  I want people to have the opportunity to either knit or crochet, so have to get cracking with the samples as I have given myself double the work.

As well as my regular Learning Pembrokeshire class on Thursday mornings in Crymych I am also starting a new weekly class on Thursday afternoons.  These will be held in St Dogmaels.  Please check the Learning Pembrokeshire website, or send me an email if you fancy coming along.

Finally, there are always the drop in crochet clinics on the first Saturday and Wednesday of every month.

All in all I think there should be plenty to keep the Cardigan Bay Crochet Crew going!



Learn to Crochet in a Day – 27 June 2015

The demand for the Learn to Crochet in a Day has been high this year.  So far they have all been fully booked.  So I decided to add another date … get your diary out … pen at the ready … it is … Saturday 27th June.  This one will be held in Maes Mwldan in Cardigan.  It is such a fabulous setting that I just love it for these workshops.

Get in touch if you fancy giving it a try.


St Dogmaels Freshers Fair

St Dogmaels Memorial Hall held a Freshers Fair this Saturday for local events and groups.  There were so many stall holders there, it was fantastic – the WI Marmaladies with their jams, jellies and chutneys, the short mat bowls were going on throughout the morning, Cylch Meithrin, the allotments, and loads more. I hadn’t been in the hall before and was surprised how nice it was – a lovely big room, plenty of parking outside and a friendly atmosphere.

freshers fair poster

I had a stall there to advertise my classes and I was joined by a few of the crochet crew.  We weren’t selling anything – just displaying examples of mine and the students work and some leaflets.  We had a lovely morning of chit chat and crochet – can’t get much better than that!

A nice selection of crochet items, with Gaynor's Hippo right at the front

A nice selection of crochet items, with Gaynor’s Hippo right at the front

There was a great response and lots of people came over to admire the samples.

St Dogmaels Freshers Fair

Our one and only Sparkly Sue had enough enthusiasm to make anyone join the classes!

A massive thanks to those who came along on the day to keep me company and to those who let me borrow some of their crochet samples.

Keep your eyes peeled for information about the summer fun day and the Christmas Fair.

Kasturi x



I have had a lovely week.  Saturday was Learn to Crochet in a Day at Maes Mwldan.  Five newbies, who hadn’t even held a crochet hook before, managed to learn all the basics and went home with a flower brooch.

Look at the pretty flowers they made ...

Look at the pretty flowers they made …

Then on Monday I tried out a new workshop.  We made crochet rag rugs out of duvet covers and sheets.  We spent the morning cutting them into strips and the afternoon making a start on the rug.  The Small World Theatre dance studio in Cardigan was the perfect venue for the workshop.  It is a circular room with lots of natural light and there was plenty of room for the eight participants.

Duvet cover - before, during and after

Duvet cover – before, during and after

The workshop included a hand turned 15mm crochet hook, which everyone loved.  It was great to have something so unique to use. They were made by Les, who is an amazingly talented local wood crafter.

It was a fab day and everyone had a lot of fun – including me!

An enthusiastic group of rug makers!

An enthusiastic group of rug makers!

Don’t forget – if you are interested in learning to crochet and you live in West Wales, then get in touch and come along to one of my workshops.

Kasturi x


More hats

I have been knitting more hats.  I think I am becoming quite addicted.

Knitted Fairisle Hat blog side






This one is from a Let’s Knit magazine.  I have made a ravelry project page if you want to look up the details.  It is my first attempt at Fairisle and I am really pleased with the results – it came out exactly as I wanted.  It was a great introduction to fairisle as none of the colours were more than three stitches away, so it was relatively easy and I didn’t get in too much of a tangle.  It was a rectangle, sewn together along the short sides.  It doubles as a hat and a scarf, so it super handy.  My son named it ‘the scat’ as it is a cross between a scarf and a hat.  You just undo the cord and pull it down around your neck.

I made it with this scrumptious yarn from White Rose Alpacas.  This is a lovely family run local alpaca farm.  I love that my yarn was ‘grown’ just a few miles away.

The next hat was for my husband.  I was looking for the perfect pattern for my Triskelion Aran Weight Yarn.  I looked at HUNDREDS of hat patterns on ravelry, but finally decided on The Hat Most Likely to Succeed.  I fancied doing some cabling as I haven’t done any for years. The yarn was unbelievable.  So soft and plump and a complete joy to knit with.  The pattern was simple to follow, but the finished result looks fantastic.

hat most likely to succeed






I always think of myself as a novice knitter, but after completing these two hats I am finally beginning to believe that I can really knit!


Sad farewell to my trolley

It was a sad day yesterday.  My trusty trolley broke.  The handle has come apart and I can’t fix it.  I have been using that trolley for every single crochet and crafting class since I started teaching three years ago.  It was a paper mania scrapbooking trolley, that has long since been discontinued.  It fitted all my ‘stuff’ in, had a great collapsible handle and really sturdy wheels.  Gutted.  I definitely got my money’s worth though – I bought it YEARS ago for £30 and it came with a free Xcut Impress die cutter.

just look at my sad little trolley

just look at my sad little trolley










Anyway, I thought it must be time for an upgrade so started looking around for another one.  Papermania still make one, but it is in black.  I don’t like black and as I have to keep my trolley in my bedroom I didn’t want that one lurking around there.  Then I spotted this beauty…

Everything Mary Scrapbook Tote

So pretty – I love the turquoise highlights










And look at what’s inside!

Look at all those storage pockets!

Look at all those storage pockets!










It is an ‘Everything Mary’ rolling scrapbook tote.  It looks SO PRETTY compared to my ugly old brown one.  It is in my new favourite colours – grey and turquoise.  It also has a lot more storage pockets so I can keep all my class spares of scissors, pens, crochet hooks, loyalty cards etc in there along with all the projects, samples and books for class.  I have just ordered it.  I am so excited, but it might take up to a month to come.  In the meantime I have to drag around my trolley with a broken handle.  Oh well, it will make me appreciate my new one even more when it comes.


A pretty full week

Another fun filled week of workshops and classes…

Monday – Learn to Crochet in a Day.  I had five students who were completely new to crochet.  We had a lovely day in the Crafters Cwtch in Cardigan.

Beginners Crochet Class

concentrating hard

Lots of fun, tea, biscuits, chat, a fantastic lunch supplied by Ann at the Crafters Cwtch and best of all everyone made a flower to bring home with them.

everyone went home with a crochet flower

everyone went home with a crochet flower

Tuesday – I am learning Welsh (phew, it’s tough)



I forgot to take my camera with me the rest of the week, so that’s it for the photos this week!

Wednesday – Taught a crochet class in the morning, went to someone else’s class in the afternoon.

Thursday – Taught two crochet classes

Friday – Taught a Beginners Sock Knitting Workshop (part one).  This is one of my favourite workshops to teach.  It is so exciting watching people knitting on four needles for the first time.  I can’t wait til next week when they turn the heel!

Saturday – Taught two crochet classes

The highlight of my week, though, was ordering a set of Knitpro interchangeable knitting needles.  My students gave me a £50 Amazon voucher for Christmas so I wanted to spend it wisely.  I wanted something I could treasure.  Something I loved.  Something that reminded me of my lovely students.  It took me a while to choose.

I finally decided on these ones …


Oh my, what a mouthwatering set of knitting needles

Oh my, what a mouthwatering set of knitting needles

Every day I rush home to see if they have come in the post.  Not yet… waiting… waiting…

Last year – 2014

It has been so long since I wrote a blog post that I am going to do a quick catch up. I have been so busy doing things that I haven’t had time to write about them!

Last January I decided I would spend the next year clearing the clobber and sorting out my ‘stuff’.  I am glad to report that it has been very successful.  Bags of stuff and clutter have disappeared and in their place is a relatively tidy and surprisingly pleasant place to work.

I painted my little computer cupboard and put it in the corner of my room.  It holds the computer, printer, books and sewing machine.  I will let you have a peek inside one day…

cupboard crop

The IKEA shelving unit has transformed and I am in the process of crocheting boxes and baskets and curtains for the spaces that currently just have plain old cardboard boxes.  I am trying out different techniques for each section, so hopefully it will be a kind of useful gallery space.  I have even made space for the paper roses that I made last year.


As well as sorting out my personal space I spent a lot of time last year running my classes and workshops.  They are getting more popular every year and I am so lucky to be able to spend time with such wonderful creative, supportive and enthusiastic women.  I now have five regular classes in Cardigan, St Dogmaels, Crymych and Drefach Felindre and lots of workshops in between.

The ‘Crochet ‘Crew’ achieved so much crochet together that I am going to make a new gallery on this website to put the pictures of all their wonderful work.  It will be up and running soon, so keep your eyes peeled.

I just want to finish off with a personal ‘thank you’ to everyone who has helped and supported me over the last year.  You have been wonderful, kind and generous.  I can only keep teaching as long as you keep coming to the classes, so Thank You for coming!  Also a massive thank you for my Christmas presents (and gifts throughout the year) – you know who you are you lovely people…


Hats, glorious hats

I have finished a couple of hats, both of which I have been meaning to get round to for ages.

Slouchy HatI love slouchy hats and lost my favourite one last year.  So before the weather gets any colder I wanted to make another one.  I already had the perfect yarn.  It is the beautiful pale grey Lana Gatto Class.  It is 80% extra fine merino wool and 20% angora.  Wow.  Honestly, I have never used such a soft yarn.  The bonus is that even though it is fluffy it is fairly easy to unravel if you make a mistake (like I repeatedly did!).  The pattern is the slouchy hat by Jan Wise from Ravelry.

The second hat is the R2D2 hat.  The pattern was from a Star Wars craft book.  I used 100% acrylic yarn so that it will be ‘roughy toughy’ enough for kids to use.  The pattern is for an adult size hat, but I used dk wool (American=Sport Weight) and a 3.75mm hook and it came out just right for my 9 year old.

r2d2Next hat project is the Hat Most Likely to Succeed for my husband.  I have to wait to see if I get new circular needles for Christmas, though, before I start that project.  Fingers crossed!

If anyone wants to keep up with any of my projects and work in progress you can find me on ravelry.