Busy times

12 May
Well, lots has been happening here.

A couple of weeks ago I went to Wonderwool Wales.  What a joy!  A day of fantastic inspiration.  I bought a moderate amount of yummy yarn and a ridiculous amount of beautiful buttons.  Here are my favourites …

coconut shell buttons with coloured resin

yummy yarns

Next stop was Hereford, where I bought this beautiful basket for my crochet cotton yarns.  It almost makes my mouth water seeing them all squashed into the basket!

Beautiful basket of yarn

Not only does it look amazing but it came in very handy last week when I did a beginners crochet workshop at the Small World Theatre in Cardigan.  We had a good couple of hours on crochet basics and then next week we will be making lots of scrumptious flowers.  I have guaranteed everyone will take a project home with them, so we have lots of fun ahead of us!

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