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Always a maker.

Ever since I was a little girl I’ve always loved making things.

I got O’ level art at school and used to make some of my own clothes.

I home educated my children (partly) and that used a lot of creative energy to get them all learning and keeping on track to complete the curriculum.

When they were older I took up furniture restoration. It seemed such a waste that lots of quality furniture was always thrown away or sold cheaply at auctions. I quickly learned there’s a whole world of out there of furniture restorers with some amazing pieces being made beautiful again.

I really enjoyed this experience and it inspired me on to start the ‘Crafternoons’ with Tracey Jenkins of Orissa Designs. We’d meet every Friday for lunch and spend the afternoon making things. It was great fun. We explored so many ideas. And made some good stuff too!

We opened the ‘Little Shop Upstairs’ in Cardigan and ran it together for a while. We sold things we’d made and bits of shabby-chic furniture.

Having the shop led me to meet Anne from the Crafters Cwtch in Cardigan. I started running workshops there along with crochet sessions in Small World Theatre in Cardigan. I also ran a weekly crochet class in the National Museum of Wales for a number of years.

This all led to where I am now which is teaching crochet, scrap booking and one or two other things in Pembrokeshire. Near where I live.

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