Past photos of hand made gifts created by Kasturi.

cute pair of butterfly hairclips diy deodorant cute newborn shoes rose ring elderflower cordial aran string bag Crochet bag and bottle Amish doll with patchwork and baby doll Alphabet Baby QuiltBathroom bag Bhajan kutir sign Candle skonce Crochet flower cards Crochet chain Crochet change purse Crochet Flower Garland Crochet Flower Purse Crochet Hair Clip crochet ipod cover Crochet Mushroom Crochet Pencil Cases Crochet purse blue Crochet purse crochet winter bead bag Finger Skate Park Driftwood Christmas Tree School Fruit Bag Heart Garland Flowers ipod Cover Purple ipod Cover with Flower ipod Cover with Heart ipod Cover with Soda Pop button Jagannatha Cot Bumper Jagannatha Fuzzy Felts Jewellery Samples Crochet Jug CoverSlate Star Chart Krishna Hanging Decoration Medicine Box for Shaker Rail Merino Wool Blamket Heart Mobile Mrdanga Cover Chrismas wreath Nuno Felt Wall Hanging Offering Bag Shaker peg rail Small wooden stool Willow heart Wavy Woolen Blanket Oak ipod Woolen Round Picture